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today’s birthday: José Martí (1853)

José Martí (1853)

A poet as well as a man of action, Martí was a writer and revolutionary who dedicated his life to the cause of Cuban independence. At the age of 16, he was arrested for treason and eventually deported. He returned from exile in 1878, only to be exiled again the next year. Having made his way to the US, he founded the Cuban Revolutionary party, but he was killed in battle before seeing the fruits of his labors—Cuban independence. Martí’s “Versos Sencillos” serve as the lyrics of what famous song? More… Discuss

Gounod Charles, “Petite Symphonie”, Pour instruments à vent, Conductor : Ohan Duryan: make music part of your life series

Gounod Charles, “Petite Symphonie”, Pour instruments à vent, Conductor : Ohan Duryan

Boston Could Someday Be the Venice of North America

Boston Could Someday Be the Venice of North America

Sinking land and rising sea levels have cities along the US east coast facing an uncertain future. Planners in Boston, Massachusetts, are so concerned that they are considering flooding the city intentionally. Well, not quite flooding so much as creating a system of canals that would crisscross the low-lying Back Bay area. While it seems unlikely that officials will elect such a drastic approach over simply shoring up foundations and raising infrastructure in anticipation of potential flooding, the plan to bring canal systems to North America has raised awareness of the challenges Boston and cities like it will face in the coming decades. More… Discuss


Batista Leads a Successful Coup in Cuba (1952)

Fulgencio Batista worked his way up through the Cuban army ranks before participating in a coup to oust the Céspedes government and install Ramón Grau as president in 1933. Just months later, however, Batista forced Grau’s resignation and became Cuba’s de facto ruler. After a period of exile beginning in 1944, Batista returned to Cuba and led a coup to seize power. His second term as president was marked by brutal repression, which sparked several uprisings, including one led by whom?More… Discuss


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