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Today’s Birthday: ANTONIO SALIERI (1750) The Adorable “Gloria” from the MAss in B flat (1809)

Antonio Salieri (1750)

Italian composer and conductor Antonio Salieri moved to Vienna, Austria, in 1766 with his music teacher, imperial court composer Florian Gassmann. When Gassmann died, Salieri took his position and went on to become Vienna’s most popular opera composer for the remainder of the 18th century. Beethoven, Schubert, and Liszt were among his most famous students. Though Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were rivals, the story that he poisoned Mozart is likely untrue. How did their rivalry begin? More… Discuss

Antonio Salieri`s dramma eroicomico in two acts, “Cesare in Farmacusa” was written with a libretto by Carlo Prospero de Fraceschi. It premiered in the Kärntnerthortheater of Vienna in 1800 to very much success; critics especially praised its Act I finale, which was hailed as a masterpiece, and its Act II march, which was specifically noted for its excellent orchestration, one reflecting the more Romantic style of composers like Cherubini and Paer. Its libretto, after Plutarch, relates the story of Julius Caesar`s capture by pirates in the island of Farmacusa and his journey to escape from captivity.
The ouverture is conducted here by Michael Dittrich with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Antonio Salieri:
Mass in B flat – Gloria

Soprano: Constanze Albrecht
Alto: Ulrike Zech
Tenor: Sebastian Reim
Bass: Friedemann Klos

Universitätschor Dresden
Sinfonietta Dresden
Conductor: Maja Sequeira
-live from Dresden-