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Silent Night Holy Night – Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (yes there used to be silent nights…

A new interpretation of a worldwide well known piece of music from a not so usual point of view: Imagine you were Joseph — who is not the father of ‘his’ son in this silent night …

This is what I had in mind creating this interpretation for piano; to give Josephs feelings a musically expression.

If you like it feel free to share!

Merry Christmas!
Wolfram-Maria Schröckenfuchs

The still image shows a part of ‘Totes Gebirge‘ (‘Dead Mountains’ – meaning there are no springs anywhere); point of view is ‘Ahornfeld Hütte’ on the ‘Kasberg’ mountain in the south of Upper Austria, near the homeviallage ‘Micheldorf‘ where I live. Photographed in spring 2011.