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today’s birthday: Afonso IV of Portugal (1291)

Afonso IV of Portugal (1291)

Though he was the only legitimate son of King Denis of Portugal, Afonso IV felt threatened by the apparent favoritism his father showed to his illegitimate half-brothers and spent the final years of his father’s life and reign in revolt. He succeeded to the throne in 1325 and, as history is doomed to repeat itself, found himself 20 years later the target of his own son’s rebellion against him. What had Afonso done to provoke his son’s rage? More… Discuss


The Dreadnought Hoax (1910)

Nearly four years after the HMS Dreadnought entered service, the revolutionary battleship was “honored” with a visit from Abyssinian royalty. Though the ship’s commanders only received last-minute notice of the Abyssinian delegation’s impending arrival, they managed to arrange for their guests to be greeted with pomp and circumstance and then given a tour of the vessel. The royal visitors were later revealed to be mere pranksters in blackface. What now-famous author took part in the hoax? More… Discuss


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