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A rickshaw is a small, two-wheeled carriage that is usually drawn by one person. The first rickshaws appeared in Japan around 1868 and became a popular mode of transportation because human labor was considerably cheaper than that of horses. Rickshaws were mainly used in Asia, but nowadays they are outlawed in many places and have been replaced by cycle and auto rickshaws. What is the origin of the carriage’s name? More… Discuss

English: An auto rickshaw in Bangalore, India

English: An auto rickshaw in Bangalore, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make Music Part of Your Life Series: Debussy, Danses sacrée et profane

Ensemble Instrumental de Corse,
Marielle Nordmann,
Danses sacrée et profane de Claude Debussy.
Enregistré le 22 juin 2007 au Palais des Congrès d’Ajaccio


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