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Quote by Henry Miller: “To walk in money through the night crowd, prote…” | Goodreads


Quote by Henry Miller: “To walk in money through the night crowd, prote...” | Goodreads

Integrity at Its Finest

Integrity at Its Finest

Sometimes, people are good, and it warms the cockles of our hearts. Imagine, if you will, finding $41,000 cash in a used couch you purchased for $20 from a thrift shop. If you kept the money, no one would be the wiser, and it would make balancing your checkbook a lot less stressful. But would it eat away at your conscience? For three young three New Yorkers who recently found themselves in precisely this position, the answer to that question was “yes.” So, instead of reveling in their newfound wealth, they tracked down the previous owner—an elderly widow, as it turned out—to return what was her life savings. More… Discuss

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Quotation: Charles Dickens on references of sorts…such as wealth…

Money and goods are certainly the best of references.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Discuss

Today’s Birhtday: CHARLES PONZI (1882)

Charles Ponzi (1882)

Possibly the most famous con man in history, Ponzi is now synonymous with a particular type of ruinous investment scheme. By promising impossibly high returns on a “get rich quick” scheme, Ponzi attracted enough new investors to use their money to pay off old investors, which made his outfit appear successful and solvent. It was not. After a series of trials, he was deported from the US, but in at least one case in 1922, he was found not guilty. Who was his lawyer at that trial? More… Discuss