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this day in the yesteryear: Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat (1955)

Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat (1955)

Dubbed the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement” by the US Congress, Rosa Parks was an African-American civil rights activist who became famous in 1955 for refusing to vacate her seat on a municipal bus for a white man. This act of civil disobedience sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which launched Martin Luther King, Jr., into prominence and became one of the largest and most successful movements against racial segregation. How many thousands of commuters took part in the boycott? More… Discuss

Who Inspired “the Other” Rosa Parks?

Published on Mar 29, 2013

Watch the full 35-minute interview with Claudette Colvin on Democracy Now! at http://owl.li/jzCaV. Claudette Colvin was the first person arrested for resisting bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama, in March 1955. Her refusal to give up her seat to a white person came nine months before Rosa Parks and helped spark the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was her case before the U.S. Supreme Court that led to the desegregation of the Alabama bus system. Speaking to Democracy Now!, Colvin lists the African-American figures who inspired her historic, but overlooked, act of defiance.

Watch the full interview, read the transcript and order a copy of this interview at http://owl.li/jzCaV.

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