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Armenia Motherhood and Beauty Day

This is a national holiday in Armenia, celebrated each year on April 7. It comes not long after another national holiday,Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8. Women’s Day is meant to honor all women, but Motherhood and Beauty Day is dedicated especially to those who have become mothers. Children and adults alike show their affection for their mothers with special visits, cards, and gifts. Sending flowers to one’s mother is an especially popular way to mark this holiday. Another tradition associated with the day is the gift of a twig that has fresh sprouts on it. More… Discuss

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Kids of Depressed Mothers Could Benefit in Daycare

Researchers have known for some time that children ofdepressed mothers are more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders themselves, but they are just now learning that being in childcare, particularly in a group setting, could have something of a protective effect. Researchers say that young children of depressed mothers who attended daycare had a 79 percent lower risk of developing emotional problems than those who were cared for at home by their mothers. Their findings suggest that childcare can be a helpful intervention method in cases of maternal depression. More…Discuss


Today’s Birthday: ANNA MARIE JARVIS (1864) the tireless campaigner for “Mother’s Day

Anna Marie Jarvis (1864)

Though she never wed or had children herself, Jarvis campaigned tirelessly for the establishment of an annual holiday honoring mothers. She began her campaign after the death of her mother, a social activist who had brought mothers together in an effort to counter the divisions caused by the Civil War. By 1914, Mother’s Day had been proclaimed a US national holiday. Rather than savor her success, Jarvis soon became one of the holiday’s most vehement opponents. Why did she want it abolished?More… Discuss