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New research claims that Facebook is tracking anyone who visits the site— msnbc (@msnbc)

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this pressed for your right to know: AP photographer captures Ebola outbreak in Africa in pictures

or view the video @  http://on.msnbc.com/1sZD1V7

How the Obamacare wars hurt the mentally ill | MSNBC (in war there are no victors!)

Scott Patrick, 48, stops for a mid-day coffee in downtown Atlanta. How the Obamacare wars hurt the mentally ill | MSNBC.

The partisan war over Obamacare is now threatening the mental health services that Patrick and countless others are seeking. The president’s health care law cuts federal subsidies to safety-net hospitals that were expected to have more paying patients under the law’s Medicaid expansion and insurance exchanges. But Republican-controlled states like Georgia have refused to go along with the expansion. That’s turned safety-net providers like Grady into unintended casualties—and mental health services for Georgia’s most troubled residents are first on the chopping block. 

It was never meant to happen this way. States like Georgia, which has the nation’s sixth-highest uninsured rate, were supposed to be the biggest beneficiaries of the new Medicaid dollars.  But in 2012, the Supreme Court unexpectedly ruled that the federal government couldn’t force states to accept the expansion. 

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In late 1999, 5-year-old Elián González and his mother left Cuba on a boat with a dozen other people seeking asylum in the US. Elián’s mother and several others died during the voyage, and Elián was found on an inner tube by fishermen off the coast of Florida. He was released into the custody of his uncle in Miami, but his father in Cuba pressed for his return. The custody dispute ended in an armed raid on the Miami house, and Elián returned to Cuba with his father. What has he said since? More… Discuss

Twilight of the Elites: Chris Hayes on How the Powerful Rig the System, From Penn State to Wall St.

Twilight of the Elites: Chris Hayes on How the Powerful Rig the System, From Penn State to Wall St. (from Democracy Now)

Twilight of the Elites: Chris Hayes on How the Powerful Rig the System, From Penn State to Wall St. (from Democracy Now)   (click on th epicture to access and watch the video)

From Democracy Now: “Amidst a series of recent scandals that have rocked the global banking system, journalist Chris Hayes joins us to discuss his new book, “Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy.” The book examines how Wall Street and other major institutions — from Congress to the Catholic Church to Major League Baseball — have been crippled by corruption and incompetence. Hayes is host of the MSNBC weekend show, “Up with Chris Hayes,” and is editor-at-large of The Nation magazine. “One of the most insidious aspect of the current distribution of resources in this country, the current inequality we have, isn’t just that it is bad for people in the bottom of the social pyramid, but that it makes people at the top worse,” Hayes says. “It conditions them to be incompetent and corrupt.”

Tură în Făgăraş (august 2008)

Filmuleţ făcut în timpul turei de creastă din Făgăraş în august 2008. Creasta Făgăraşului de la Suru până la lacul Capra.

(Movie was shot during  the backpacking in the Fagaras Mountain Range  crest line from Suru  to Capra (goat) lake.) 

Music: Enigma – Voyageur

Capra (genus)

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“I remember the Fagaras Mountains as I used to spend a lot of time trying to convince them that I was worthy of their majesty (in other words, they are a big challenge  any time). They are the tallest and most difficult mountains in Romania. For those who have adventure there they have been and continue to be a Spiritual Experience. It has been for me.” 

Atlantis The Last: What's Next? Historic Memories

Atlantis The Last: What's Next? Historic Memories

Liberty Park In Cerritos

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refreshing spring
Refreshing Spring

A nice park, a beautiful culture: like the water fountain, Chopin: Life is Good.

More about Chopin’s composition: Trois Ecossaises opus. 72: http://imslp.org/wiki/3_Ecossaises,_Op.72_No.3_(Chopin,_Fr%C3%A9d%C3%A9ric)