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Egyptian Mummification Dates Back 6,000 Years

Egyptian Mummification Dates Back 6,000 Years

Mummification is an indisputably ancient practice, but new evidence suggests it emerged even earlier than experts previously thought. Funerary textiles from Egypt’s oldest-known cemeteries contain remnants of embalming substances, proof that mummification was being practiced as early as 4300 BCE, more than 1,500 years earlier than previously believed. Furthermore, the composition of the embalming agents on these textiles differed little from the agents used thousands of years later at the height of ancient Egyptian civilization. More… Discuss

Elements: Water (a poetic thought, by George-b)

Elements: Water
(a poetic thought, by George-b)

Remember to touch the rain,
each time God sends it your way,
even if a single droplet:

 Remember water was before right after air,
in an ancestral  time, between waters,
before the ocean broke,
and  air took the first  breath.

Remember thirst, before you’re thirsty:
drink and drink, stop for breath,
and then drink some more…

Water: You’re into it, it floats into you,
Dry-up not, like a mummy
a gypsum cast around a broken limb
a tear on the salty, itchy chin…