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In Greek mythology, Persephone is the goddess of fertility and, having been taken captive by Hades and made his wife, queen of the underworld. Though Hades eventually allowed her to return to Earth, he first tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds—the food of the dead—thus tethering her to the underworld and making it necessary for her to return to him for several months each year. What changes are said to come over the Earth each time she leaves for or returns from the underworld? More… Discuss

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Poetry Reading: “Lacas” (Stefan Augustin Doinas- din Volumul de Poezii “Semintia lui Laokoon”)

220px-Sumerian Ziggurat

Sumerian Ziggurat

Lacas (Stefan Augustin Doinas-
din Volumul de Poezii “Semintia lui Laokoon”)

Un templu. Sus. In vale curge Tibrul.
Lumina devasteaza echilibrul 
altarelor. Statuile surad,
ciuntite, dezvelind un suflet hid.
Intarzie pe trepte istovite
o umbra: a pastorului de vite.
Si mugete inchise ca-n ocol
impung printre coloane cerul gol.

iar in adancuri, ignornandu-si haina
de aparente vii, sta moarta Taina.

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