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this day in the yesteryear: Attempted Overthrow of Venezuelan President Chavez (2002)

Attempted Overthrow of Venezuelan President Chavez (2002)

In 2002, anger over Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s reform plans led to an attempted coup d’état. On April 11, Chavez was detained and Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce President Pedro Carmona was installed as interim president. Carmona quickly dissolved the National Assembly and the Supreme Court and voided Venezuela’s constitution, but within 48 hours, the Presidential Guard retook the presidential palace, and Chavez was reinstalled as president. What happened to Carmona? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Feudalism Abolished in France (1789)

Feudalism Abolished in France (1789)

The monarchical absolutism of King Louis XIV of France destroyed the roots of feudalism, but outward feudal forms persisted and became increasingly burdensome. Therefore, just weeks after the storming of the Bastille, the National Assembly held a meeting in which the nobles and clergy—driven partly by fear and partly by an outburst of idealism—relinquished their manorial rights within the course of a few hours. What are the National Assembly’s August 1789 decisions collectively called? More… Discuss


French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants

By a vote of 196 to 146, France’s Senate voted to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds that such contests promote the hypersexualization of minors. The measure will now be brought before the National Assembly, which must also pass it for it to become law. If the ban is adopted, those who organize pageants for children under 16 would face significant jail time and hefty fines. More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: POPE PIUS VII (1742)

Pope Pius VII (1742)

Pius VII became pope in 1800, at a time of turmoil for the Catholic Church. A decade earlier, during the early stages of the French Revolution, the National Assembly tried to subordinate the Church to the state. In 1801, Pius and Napoleon negotiated an end to the breach, but relations remained strained. In one notable incident, Napoleon took his crown from the pope’s hands during a ceremony and crowned himself. What unusual headgear did Pius VII allegedly wear during his own coronation and why? More…