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today’s birthday: Miguel Hidalgo (1753)

Miguel Hidalgo (1753)

A national hero in Mexico, where the state of Hidalgo bears his name, Miguel Hidalgo was a priest and revolutionary leader who is regarded as the founder of the Mexican War of Independence movement. Influenced by the French Revolution, he launched a revolt against Spain in the early 19th century. Hidalgo led the rebels to several early victories but was captured, defrocked, and executed by firing squad along with other revolutionary leaders in 1811. What was done with their remains? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: GEORGES-MARIE GUYNEMER (1894)

Georges-Marie Guynemer (1894)

A top French fighter ace during World War I and a national hero, Guynemer shot down 53 enemy planes and survived being shot down several times before he presumably died in a firefight on September 11, 1917. During an engagement that fateful day, Guynemer’s plane disappeared, reportedly shot down by a German pilot who was himself killed in action weeks later. To ease the blow of the loss of their young hero, French schoolchildren were taught that what had happened to him? More…


‘s Birthday: Today LAJOS KOSSUTH (1802)



Lajos Kossuth (1802)

Now considered a national hero, Kossuth was a Hungarian revolutionary who favored dissolving the union between the Hungarian and Austrian crowns. The fiery orator was a principal figure of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. Appointed provisional governor, he soon became virtual dictator. In 1849, Russian armies intervened in favor of Austria, forcing him to resign. He fled to Turkey and later to Italy, where he watched as Hungary reconciled with the Austrian monarchy. What did he do while in exile? More… Discuss



Uruguay Declares Its Independence from Brazil (1825)

In 1811, José Gervasio Artigas, who would become Uruguay’s national hero, launched a successful revolution against the Spanish authorities who ruled a combined Uruguay and Argentina. Ten years later, the eastern province of Uruguay was annexed by Brazil, which was still under Portuguese rule. Brazil became independent from Portugal the following year, and in 1825, Uruguay declared independence from Brazil. Why is the country now called the Oriental Republic of UruguayMore… Discuss