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Supercooling Could Extend Organs’ Viability

Supercooling Could Extend Organs’ Viability

A new technique for “supercooling” organs could preserve donor organs for days, allowing doctors more time to match them to suitable transplant candidates. Currently, doctors have a day or less to get a liver into a recipient, but in tests on rats, the new process kept livers viable for three days, a vast improvement. Rat livers are considerably smaller than human ones—0.35 oz (10 g) compared to 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)—and it remains to be seen whether scientists can scale up the technology and whether it will be able to preserve other organs as well. More… Discuss


Spinal Stimulation Lets Paralyzed Patients Move Their Legs Again

Four men who had been paralyzed from the chest down for more than two years regained the ability to voluntarily move their legs and feet after having an electrical deviceimplanted in their spines. Though the procedure did not restore their ability to walk, simply being able to control the movement of their once-paralyzed limbs has had far-reaching benefits both physical—increased muscle mass, improved bladder and sexual function—and psychological. It remains unclear why epidural stimulation has this effect, but researchers suspect it makes the lower spinal cord more excitable and therefore more receptive to signals from the brain. More… Discuss

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