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this day in the yesteryear: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

PBS is an American non-profit, private corporation that provides its members—public television stations—with educational, cultural, and news programs. The network is supported by public funds and private contributions rather than commercials. Its popular programs, produced by its member stations and other independent program producers, have included Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theatre, and Nova. How does PBS differ from its radio counterpart, National Public Radio? More… Discuss

Regina Spektor – NPR Interview (24 May 2012)


A video I made of the broadcast interview “Regina Spektor Still Doesn’t Write Anything Down” at National Public Radio (NPR) Music on 24 May 2012 with Regina Spektor. It is so refreshing to listen to this very popular artist who is not so full of herself, is so “normal” and natural, pleasant and honest. I’ve seen her six times now during the last 2 years (and still counting) and know that this is how she is ALL the time … so grateful to those who have made it possible for her to make music and so unselfish and generous in the way she wants everyone to have access to it, even if it means letting them have it for free or for very little cost.
(Note: I do not own or claim to own any rights to the content of this interview. It is posted here strictly for public information and educational purposes.)