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this day in history: Six-Day War: USS Liberty Incident (1967) (find out: How much money did Israel pay the US and the families of the victims in compensation?)

Six-Day War: USS Liberty Incident (1967)

During the 1967 Six-Day War, Israeli aircraft and naval forces attacked a US intelligence ship in international waters off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Both the Israeli and American governments issued reports concluding that the attack was a tragic mistake, but these conclusions have been challenged from several fronts, and the matter remains controversial in the public debate. How much money did Israel pay the US and the families of the victims in compensation? More… Discuss

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Permanent United States Navy Established (1794)

The first incarnation of the US Navy was short-lived, established in 1775 and disbanded in 1784. However, with Barbary pirates harassing US merchant ships, Congress rethought its decision and established a permanent US Navy with the authorization to build six frigates in 1794. Three of these were welcomed into service soon after. The US Navy distinguished itself in the War of 1812 by unexpectedly defeating British forces several times. What role did naval power play in the American Civil WarMore…Discuss

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