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Shakespeare’s Sonnets Audiobook by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Sonnets Audiobook by William Shakespeare

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Merriam-Webster Adds Tweet and Bromance to Lexicon

Merriam-Webster Adds Tweet and Bromance to Lexicon

According to the people at Merriam-Webster, a tweet is no longer just the chirping sound a bird makes, it is also “a post made on the Twitter online message service.” Other words making their debut in the latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary include “boomerang child,” referring to a “young adult who returns to live at his or her family home, especially for financial reasons”; “bromance,” describing a “close, non-sexual relationship between men”; and “fist bump,” a “gesture in which two people bump their fists together, as in greeting or celebration.” In all, editors selected 150 new words to add to the dictionary. More… Discuss