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I’m watching the latest FRANCE 24 weather forecasthttp://f24.my/app

I’m watching the latest FRANCE 24 weather forecast

Want to know why? Well, because like BBC, they are not so concerned with me  subscribing to their news agency, as they are to providing the news for my knowledge! unlike the LA times, the New York Times, the NBC, ABC, etc, which have taken over the public airwaves and deny access t the news, unless one subscribes (or they allow 5-10 stories /month!) I got an app, weather and newsstand from Google: the shame of any app: it takes for ever to download, but only because of being bloated with commercials, cookies etc.! Same stories, can be accessed and shared directly and very fast, from their news app!

Twitter: Virtual Connection To Real Time Broadcasting (69 Characters)

One year after this interview, the usefulness of this social media is validated, by the variety of news agencies, and information. It has been successful in communicating with the rest of the world, from areas where communication was disconnected. I think the most important aspect is that retweeting is an objective tool in identifying of note worthy news, and the trend of public opinion. This is, evidently more realistic than any other means of feedback, personal, or collective.

Like with everything else: Its use is only as worthy as the message and so far I think Twitter got that!