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Drolc Quartet – Alexander Borodin, String Quartet No. 2

Eduard Drolc and Juergen Pnarmann, violin;
Stefano Passaggio, viola;
Georg Donderer, cello.  

The String Quartet No. 2, written in 1881, by Alexander Borodin is a work in four movements:
1. Allegro moderato in D major and 2/2 time, with 304 bars;
2. Scherzo. Allegro in F major and 3/4 time, with 299 bars;
3. Notturno (Nocturne): Andante in A major and 3/4 time, with 180 bars;
4. Finale: Andante — Vivace in D major and 2/4 time, with 671 bars.