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this day in the yesteryear: S.A. Andrée Attempts to Reach the North Pole by Balloon (1897)

S.A. Andrée Attempts to Reach the North Pole by Balloon (1897)

After gaining funding from the likes of King Oscar II and Alfred Nobel and generating widespread public interest, Swedish explorer Salomon August Andrée and two companions departed from Norway’s Svalbard for the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon. They flew for two days before a hydrogen leak grounded the balloon, forcing the poorly equipped trio to travel on pack ice. Three months later, the men reached the island of Kvitøya, where they eventually died. When was their last camp finally found? More… Discuss

EXTRA! Extra!: US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces

Greg Rohde has an ice and snow encrusted beard

US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces (click to access the 12 more photos at “The Telegraph)


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Today’s Birthday: RICHARD EVELYN BYRD (1888)

Richard Evelyn Byrd (1888)

A pioneer in aviation and exploration, Byrd was a member of the first expeditions to fly over the North and South Poles, undertaken in 1926 and 1929 respectively. The North Pole flight earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor and helped him secure funding for his subsequent expeditions, like the one to Antarctica two years later. From the base he established there, he went on to explore and map large areas of the continent. Why do some believe he was undeserving of the Medal of Honor? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: LOUISE ARNER BOYD (1887)

Louise Arner Boyd (1887)

Boyd was an American explorer of Greenland and the Arctic and the first woman to fly over the North Pole. After the deaths of her parents and brothers, she inherited the family fortune and chartered the ship of famed explorer Roald Amundsen for a trip to the Arctic. She gained notoriety for hunting polar bears and was called “The Girl Who Tamed the Arctic.” She later canceled another expedition, stating, “How could I go on a pleasure trip when those 22 lives were at stake?” What had happened? More… Discuss


Charles Francis Hall

Charles Francis Hall

Hall was an American explorer of the Arctic. In the 1860s, he made two notable—but mostly unsuccessful—searches for Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition. In 1871, he attempted to reach the North Pole. Though he set a new northern record, he died suddenly before reaching the pole. Later, 19 members of his crew became stranded on an ice floe for several months before being rescued. It is now believed that Hall was likely murdered, but it is also possible that he accidentally poisoned himself—how? More… Discuss