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Jet Stream Shift Could Influence Weather Patterns

Weather patterns around the globe appear to be changing, and in North America and Northern Europe thejet stream may at least be partly to blame. The jet stream—a high-speed, meandering wind current—over these continents has become wavier in recent decades, resulting in longer periods of the same weather.Meteorologists speculate that warmer temperatures in the Arctic could be to blame, as the jet stream is fueled in part by the temperature differential between the Arctic and middle latitudesMore… Discuss


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Tafl Games

Tafl games were a family of popular board games that spread with the Vikings throughout northern Europe from about 400 CE and were widely played until the introduction of chess in the 12th century. Played on a checkered board, the games featured two uneven teams of pieces—a larger one that attacked and a smaller one that defended. The rules of these games, though largely lost, have been pieced together using literary sources from various historical periods. What was the objective of these games? More… Discuss