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today’s holiday: Gynaecocratia (2015)

Gynaecocratia (2015)

The Greek title of this observance is a word that means female rule or government. This attempt at feminist revolt is of long tradition in northern Greece, where it is common for women to do all the household work and for most men to take life easy in cafes. Today, in the villages of Komotini, Xanthi, Kilkis, and Serres, that standard is reversed for a day when Gynaecocratia is celebrated. The women gather in village cafes to socialize, while the men stay at home cleaning house, tending the babies, and generally looking after household tasks. At dusk, the men join their wives in celebrations. More… Discuss


Evidence of Ancient Tsunami in Northern Greece

Geologists say that they have found evidence to support the ancient Greek historian Herodotus’s account of a tsunami that saved a Greek village from Persian invaders in 479 BCE. In his account, Herodotus states that “a great flood-tide of the sea” killed hundreds of Persian soldiers who had besieged the city of Potidaea. He also indicates that many smaller tsunamis had struck there in the past. Sediment in the area where Potidaea once stood shows signs of massive marine events, and excavations of a nearby city have uncoveredseashells that were likely deposited there by a tsunami. More… Discuss