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Evidence of Early Learning

Evidence of Early Learning

Learning is a lifelong process, and it begins before you are even born. A recent study suggests that human fetuses begin learning as early as the 34th week of gestation, earlier than previously believed. Researchers had pregnant women recite a brief nursery rhyme aloud twice a day for six weeks and monitored the heart rates of their fetuses at 32-, 33-, and 34-weeks’ gestation as a recording of a female stranger reciting the rhyme was played. At 34 weeks, the fetuses’ heart rates declined, an indicator of fetal recognition of a familiar stimulus. More… Discuss

This Day In History: “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Published (1830)

“Mary Had a Little Lamb” Published (1830)


“Mary Had a Little Lamb” is a 19th century American nursery rhyme. It was written by Sarah Josepha Hale, who turned to writing in 1822 as a widow trying to support her family and who eventually became an influential editor and arbiter of American taste. Thomas Edison recited part of the poem to test his invention of the phonograph, and a host of musicians have recorded versions of it. The nursery rhyme is said to have been based on an actual incident in which what happened? More… Discuss