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Indian Schoolchildren Sickened and Killed by Contaminated Lunch

At least 25 schoolchildren in the Indian state of Biharhave died and dozens of others have been hospitalized after consuming a school-provided lunch apparently contaminated with insecticide. India’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme is the world’s largest school feeding program, providing free meals to 120 million children. Regrettably, it seems the entire incident could have been avoided if the headmistress had simply heeded the cook’s warning that something smelled funny about the food. Instead, she demanded that it be served anyway. Once news of the mass poisoning broke, the headmistress fled. It is not yet known whether the contamination was intentional. More… Discuss

Is Organic Food Really Better for You?

Is Organic Food Really Better for You?

Miss your protein in your fruit? find it here!

Miss your protein in your fruit? find it here!

Growing organic food may benefit the environment, but does eating it improve your health? Doctors at Stanford University in the US set out to answer that question by analyzing 237 studies that compared organic and conventional foods. Among their findings was the fact that organic produce had a 30 percent lower risk of containing detectable levels of pesticides. Furthermore, bacteria found in non-organic chicken or pork had a 33 percent higher risk of being resistant to multiple antibiotics. However, researchers say they found few other health benefits from eating organic food. More… Discuss

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Heat-related deaths reach 13 in Maryland (from The Baltimore Sun)

Heat-related deaths reach 13 in Maryland

Region had 11 straight days of temperatures hovering near 100 degrees…   More…