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Fabulous renditions: Valentina Lisitsa plays Tchaikovsky Children’s Album Детский альбом , Op. 39

Tchaikovsky Children’s Album Детский альбом , Op. 39 Valentina Lisitsa

Published on Dec 17, 2015

This was my first recital repertory when I was 4 years old!

It’s so nice to re-visit this masterpiece and to enjoy it as an adult:)
Simple enough for little hands to master, yet not an “instructional” music but real REAL music, a gem of Tchaikovsky writing.

00:08 Morning Prayer (Утренняя молитва)
02:00 Winter Morning (Зимнее утро)
03:43 Playing Hobby-Horses (Игра в лошадки)
04:33 Mama (Мама)
06:00 March of the Wooden Soldiers (Марш деревянных солдатиков)
07:05 The Sick Doll (Болезнь куклы)
10:47 The Doll’s Funeral (Похороны куклы)
13:15 The New Doll (Новая кукла)
14:00 Waltz (Вальс)
15:30 Mazurka (Мазурка)
16:53 Russian Song (Русская песня)
17:38 The Accordion Player (Мужик на гармонике играет)
18:48 Kamarinskaya (Камаринская)
19:20 Polka (Полька)
20:19 Italian Song (Итальянская песенка)
21:16 Old French Song (Старинная французская песенка)
22:35 German Song (Немецкая песенка)
23:44 Neapolitan Song (Неаполитанская песенка)
24:52 Nanny’s Story (Нянина сказка)
25:55 The Sorcerer (Баба-Яга)
26:46 Sweet Dreams (Сладкая греза)
29:46 Lark Song (Песня жаворонка)
31:12 The Organ-Grinder Sings (Шарманщик поет)
32:31 In Church (В церкви)


Dvořák – Czech Suite, Op. 39 (playlist)

Czech Suite (Böhmische Suite), Op. 39

bust at Antonín Dvořák's tomb, Vyšehrad, Prague

bust at Antonín Dvořák’s tomb, Vyšehrad, Prague (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Composer: Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)
Conductor: John Eliot Gardiner
Orchestra: North German Radio Symphony Orchestra

Adolf Čech conducted the first performance in Prague on May 16, 1879

I. Preludium (Pastorale) – Allegro moderato
II. Polka – Allegretto grazioso
III. Sousedská (Minuetto) – Allegro giusto
IV. Romance (Romanza) – Andante con moto
V. Finale (Furiant) – Presto