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Health Videos on the Net Often Uninformative, Misleading

English: WWW's "historical" logo, cr...

English: WWW’s “historical” logo, created by Robert Cailliau. Made of three W using the Optima Bold font, according to Cailliau himself. Español: Logo antiguo de WWW, creado por Robert Cailliau. Hecho con tres W’s usando la fuente Optima Bold, según el mismo Cailliau. Français : Logo historique du WWW, créé par Robert Cailliau. Constitué de 3 W utilisant la police Optima Bold, selon Cailliau lui-même. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the age of the Internet, everyone is a doctor, or at least, everyone thinks he is. With boundless information at our fingertips, self-diagnosis is now commonplace. But beware, as this can have dangerous consequences. Researchers found that the most viewed and “liked” YouTube videos about managing high blood pressure are often uninformative and sometimes even misleading. The presence of this sort of medical misinformation on the Web is certainly not isolated to this one condition, so people need to take care when trying to self-manage their health. More… Discuss