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Cuvinte, cugetare poetica de George-B ©Always (my poetry collection – the sludge and other poems)

Cuvinte, cugetare poetica de George-B

Am deschis sertarul de cuvinte
Si-n gramada amestecata am cules
La intamplare,
cu maini avide de… cuvinte

la intamplare
cele mai multe s-au scurs
printer degete, ca nisipurile fine ale plajii Mamaiei…
Am asezat cuvintele ce n-au fugit
Si-am contruit o casa de cuvinte,
Si-am folosit ca armature seara far-de luna
Iar drept coperis am pus de straja firmamentul
Fiind foarte obosit, dupa asa de multa munca-am
Adormit, in casa de cuvinte,
avand drept coperis…tot firmamentul

(©Always by George-B.)

quotation: Oscar Wilde – If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life. Oscar Wilde

If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Discuss

quotation: Aristotle

We praise a man who feels angry on the right grounds and against the right persons and also in the right manner at the right moment and for the right length of time.

Aristotle (384 BC322 BC) Discuss

word: acumen


Definition: (noun) Shrewdness shown by keen insight.
Synonyms: insightfulness
Usage: His sharp business acumen meant he quickly rose to the top. Discuss.

7 buruieni numai bune de inclus în meniu – Yahoo Ştiri România

7 buruieni numai bune de inclus în meniu – Yahoo Ştiri România.

Plantain. In childhood, we treat abrasions, scratches and bruises plantain leaves freshly picked. This plant can be used in the kitchen but in salads, stews and soups. However, in addition to leaves, inflorescence and seeds are edible. Seeds, dried and ground are a rich source of fiber and are effective in the treatment of constipation. “

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Vizitatori Romani la EuZicAsa (ori vizitati ClustrMap on the site): Multami fain va zic la toti si binecuvantari de St. Constantin si Elena!

Romania (RO) 4,782
  Bucuresti 1,459
  Satu Mare 300
  Timis 276
  Cluj 184
  Brasov 174
  Iasi 113
  Constanta 108
  Bistrita-Nasaud 103
  Suceava 95
  Galati 95
  Bihor 89
  Prahova 82
  Sibiu 80
  Valcea 74
  Mures 70
  Hunedoara 69
  Olt 69
  Vaslui 68
  Braila 62
  Dambovita 62
  Arad 60
  Dolj 60
  Giurgiu 58
  Maramures 57
  Neamt 46
  Botosani 45
  Bacau 40
  Arges 36
  Alba 34
  Ilfov 32
  Buzau 31
  Tulcea 30
  Calarasi 29
  Caras-Severin 28
  Vrancea 22
  Salaj 20
  Harghita 19
  Mehedinti 16
  Gorj 14
  Teleorman 11
  Covasna 8
  Ialomita 8
  N/A 446
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Just a thought: “Democracy should be all inclusive, not almost all exclusive!”

Just a thought: “Democracy should be all inclusive, not almost all exclusive!”

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Impressions from the trail: April – Spring – 2014- A Good Year (photos taken on trails at Puente Hills Nature… (My photo collection)

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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Keeping Busy, poetic thought by George B

Keeping Busy, poetic thought by George B

He had burned the candle at both ends,
then had added fire to its middle…
He broke afterward the two halves
and burned those ends…

Busy with keeping all these fires burning
he forgot what it was he was loosing sleep over,
what was so vital, more important than
the fundamental bodily function of regenerating through sleep…

So he finally went to bed and slept…

 He never woke up…

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Make Music Part of Your Life Series: Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov, Les Ruses d’amour, Op. 61, Scene VII Grande Valse



Definition: (noun) Feelings of great warmth and intensity.
Synonyms: fervencyfire
Usage: He spoke with great ardor at the rally, inspiring the crowd with his passionate words. Discuss.


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“Where the Locals Go,” (Source the National Geographic YouTube Channel

In “Where the Locals Go,” you’ll find hundreds of beautifully photographed travel experiences, with nuggets of entertaining and insightful text informed by locals. Leave the tourist trail behind, and make your next trip truly authentic!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1eg24ZO
B&N: http://bit.ly/1cIe0RH
National Geographic Store: http://bit.ly/198vR9m


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‘It took a Hundred years to grow and just 10 minutes to cut me down!’ (greenpeace)

‘It took a Hundred years to grow and just 10 minutes to cut me down!’ (greenpeace)


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First Kiwanis Club Is Chartered (1915)

In 1914, Allen S. Browne and Joseph G. Prance created the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order Brothers, a networking group for businessmen. Their club was officially chartered one year later with its now famous name “Kiwanis.” The club’s purpose has changed since then, but its popularity has only grown. Kiwanis Clubs today have both male and female members—roughly 600,000 of them—and focus on community service, sponsoring about 150,000 service projects each year. What does “Kiwanis” mean? More…Discuss


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The Steam Donkey

The steam donkey is the strangely named auxiliary steam engine used for hoisting or pumping, especially on a ship. The name “steam donkey” comes from its origin in sailing ships, where the “donkey” engine was typically used to load and unload cargo and raise the larger sails. Patented in 1882, the steam donkey became a key tool for the logging industry as well, but its popularity waned with the advent of diesel-powered equipment. At what amusement park can you find a steam donkey on display? More… Discuss


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‘Ultimate Masquerade’ – FotoSketcher Stylized emergence 2

'Ultimate Masquerade' - FotoSketcher Stylized emergence 2

‘Ultimate Masquerade’ – FotoSketcher Stylized emergence 2


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Mary Fairfax Somerville (1780)

Somerville became an accomplished science writer at a time when women’s involvement in the sciences was generally discouraged. She earned widespread recognition for her 1831 translation of Pierre-Simon Laplace‘s five-volume Mécanique Céleste (Celestial Mechanics), a project she undertook for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, which aimed to adapt scientific material for the rapidly expanding reading public. What term was coined in a review of one of her other works? More… Discuss


Bucharest City Tour

Masterminds.ro & Yony_Ro presents you the capital of Romania as you never seen it before! 

Video by: Masterminds.ro
Photos by: yony_ro
Music by: George Enescu 
(Romanian Rhapsody no. 1)

A High Definition video which will make you see how Bucharest really is! You will feel the real Romanian passion for art, culture and life itself!
Bring closer a glass of red wine, turn the sound volume just a bit higher than normal.. now relax and enjoy the following 10 minutes..


Fabulous Compositions: Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 by George Enescu

The author of this beautiful video has chosen a ever so truthful account of  the country and the people of Romania, now and throughout the ages old history, for which am very thankful:

“Pentru mine, Enescu va rămâne una din veritabilele minuni ale lumii.
(…) Rădăcinile puternice şi nobleţea sufletului său sunt provenite din
propria lui ţară, o ţară de inegalată frumuseţe.” Yehudi Menuhin

Just a thought:  “Yehudi Menuhin’s quotation refers to the best known, and loved Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu:  Nevertheless, I believe that George Enescu achieved in his Romanian Rhapsodies a portrayal of the people of Romania that no one else ever was able to describe with so much humanity, in the language of music what Eminescu did by employing the romantic poetry of the  Romanian language.” George-B 


Halloween Special: Real-Life Vampires Hunt with Stealth -Trick or Treat?

Armed with sharp teeth, a blood-lapping tongue, and an anticoagulant in its saliva, the vampire bat’s attack is so subtle that it can sometimes feast undetected. Daniel Streicker, a National Geographic grantee and University of Glasgow research fellow, explores the bats’ sophisticated hunting strategy. (Some of this footage is a demonstration in a controlled laboratory environment.)

Just in time for Halloween, read more about nature’s real-life bloodsuckers:


National Geographic Live! : Nalini Nadkarni: For the Love of Trees

National Geographic Live! Nalini Nadkarni: For the Love of Trees
National Geographic grantee and forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni is known for using nontraditional pathways to raise awareness of nature’s importance to human lives, working with artists, preachers, musicians, and even prisoners.

Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live!

The National Geographic Live! series brings thought-provoking presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists, photographers, and performing artists right to your YouTube feed. Each presentation is filmed in front of a live audience at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. New clips air every Monday.


New Widget at EuZicAsa – New resources: The Smithsonian: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE – Collections of Sounds

Sound from Amphibians of Panama: Túngara Frogs (Engystomops pustulosus)

 Encyclopedia of Life

The Smithsonian: Collections of Sounds

Today’s Birthday: MARIE CARMICHAEL STOPES (1880)

Marie Carmichael Stopes (1880)

A Scottish paleobotanist whose first marriage was annulled—and allegedly never consummated—Stopes went on to publish a controversial yet highly influential sex manualMarried Love, in 1918. Thereafter, she became a pioneer in the field of family planning, opening the first birth-control clinic in the British Empire in 1921. Stopes helped break down taboos and improve women’s reproductive health, but her support of what field of reproductive science has somewhat marred her reputation? More… Discuss


Doina Noua, ( gand poetic de George-B)

Doina Noua, ( gand poetic de George-B)

Si-am plecat la scurta oaste,

sa m-antorc  intord fara de coaste,
Si-am plecat hoinar, 

Si m-am facut armasar, 
armasar de prin ocol, fara-de  funie, far-de bici
sa tot fug in cercuri mici…

Si-am plecat la colindat, dar-de-a altii,
au uitat si de brazi si de icoana,
si de lumina-n ulei,
si de viata si de moarte,
si de zile-ntunecate, scurte, reci si plin-de jale…

Ca s-au pus pe jafu’ mare.



“Call Them Brothers”
(feat. Only Son)

That’s it, it’s split – it won’t recover
Just frame the halves and call them brothers
Find their fathers and their mothers 
If you remember who they are

Over and over they call us their friends
Can’t we find something else to pretend?
Like nobody’s won and we’re safe at the end

In the darkness the film machine’s spinning
So let’s leave it on
We’ll be out in the street 
before anyone knows that we’re gone

That’s it, it’s split, it can’t recover
Just frame the halves and call them a whole
And chip at the bricks and fill up your pockets 
With the pieces of the wall that you stole

The hunt is on, everyone’s chasing
Everyone’s chasing a shot
A shot rings out, nobody wants it
Nobody wants it to stop

That’s it, it’s split, it won’t recover
Just frame the halves and call them brothers
Find your fathers and your mothers
If you remember who they are
If you remember, if you remember,
if you remember who they are



Quotation: John Filson about felicity

Felicity, the companion of content, is rather found in our own breasts than in the enjoyment of external things; And I firmly believe it requires but a little philosophy to make a man happy in whatsoever state he is. This consists in a full resignation to the will of Providence.

John Filson (1747-1788)

Just a thought: Privatize Justice? (What a 5,000 years old concept, in the 21 Century!)

Just a thought: Privatize Justice? (What a 5,000 years old concept, in the 21 Century!)




Definition: (adjective) Characterized by sedate dignity and often a strait-laced sense of propriety.
Synonyms: serioussoberquietcalmgravesteadycomposedsolemn
Usage: I instinctively stood up a little straighter when the staid duke entered the parlor. Discuss.

Just a thought: “Be as if you were Humanity’s only hope!”

Just a thought:  “Be as if you were Humanity’s only hope!”


Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome

How long the dawn seems coming when we cannot sleep!

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss


Romanian Anthem

Republic of Romania National Anthem

Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly sleep
Into which you’ve been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, your fate renew,
To which your enemies will bow to.

Now or never let’s give proof to the world
That in these veins still flows a Roman blood,
That in our chests we still maintain our pride in a name
The victor in his battles, the name of Trajan!

Watch on, shadows of highnesses, Mihai, Stefan, Corvine,
The Romanian Nation, your great grandchildren,
With weapons in their arms, with your fire in their veins,
“Life in freedom or death!” shout all.

Priests, lead with your crucifixes! Because our army is Christian,
The motto is Liberty and its goal is holy,
Better to die in battle, in full glory!
Than to once again be slaves upon our ancient ground!

Stefan Augustin Doinas_Sentinta.mp3 Volumul de poezii : Semintia lui Laokoon”, Editura Tineretului, 1967

Doinas-Semintia Lui Laokoon, Sentinta

Doinas-Semintia Lui Laokoon, Sentinta  

Stefan Augustin Doinas: Sentinta (Recitation in Romanian By George-B)

Stefan Augustin Doinas_Sentinta.mp3 Volumul de poezii : Semintia lui Laokoon”, Editura Tineretului, 1967

Stefan Augustin Doinas: Sentinta

“Iar pentru vina de-a se fi nascut
El se va pedepsi precum urmeaza:

 La stilpul dragostei va fi tinut

Optzeci de ani sub soarele de-amiaza;
Un prea frumos calau il va-nfiera
c-o stea in frunte, pentru ca multimea
de oameni, diavoli, zei et caetera
sa-I jinduie intr-una inaltimea;

norocul costumat in fel si chip,
cu galbeni il va lapida; natura,
ca-n patul lui Procust, pe-un arhetip
ii va lungi sau prescurta statura;

inchis sa fie-n lume ca-ntr-un tarc;
iar daca va izbi cu pumnii-n stele,
flacai din Marte,  purtatori de arc,
sa-l scoata afara, dincolo de ele;

blestem pe vorba lui: in adevar
sa se preschimbe, ce-a grait minciuna;
de nespalare sa-I foiasca-n par
matreata sfinta, si paduchi de luna;

ca sa-i sporesca greata pina-n prinz,
din cornulabundentei sa se-nfrupte;
si ca la caii vindecati cu spinz,
sa I se umfle pieptul beat de lupte;

lua-i-se-va dreptul de-a vedea
ce e urat, si de-a uita frumsetea;
de ghezna, atarnind ca oghiulea,
sa-si tataie superba tineretea;

nici boli, nici indoieli nici slabiciuni
sa poata lasa ca mostenire,
ci vesnic printer cei cinstiti si buni
sa fie osandit la fericire”

Atit. Ci judele preintelept
A scris mai jos, si-a sigilat, cu ceara:

 “ Acestea toate-l vor lovi, pe drept,
Doar daca se va naste-a doua oara”.

Publicata in volumul de poezii “Semintia lui Laokoon”

Editura TIneretului, 1967

Today’s Birthday (July 9):Franz Boas (1858)

Franz Boas (1858)

Boas was a German-American anthropologist. Trained in physics, he was part of an early scientific expedition to Baffin Island, where he turned to studying Eskimo culture. He is largely credited with establishing anthropology as an academic discipline in the US, and his achievements in anthropology are virtually unrivaled. It is largely because of his work that anthropologists today attribute human differences to cultural, rather than genetic, factors. Who were some of his famous students? More… Discuss

Toaca, Clopotele si Romanasii Nostrii Din Veac

Am facut mai daunazi un comentariu, care a fost primit de “Monitorul De Fagaras”, o publicatie cu un cuvant de spus. Suna cam asa (noroc ca scriu totul in Word si apoi copiez, ca sa nu uit ceea ce am avut de spus cand din greseala sterg tot ce am scris):

Apoi, continuati sa bateti toaca si sa trageti clopotele, care mai au un glas,
si continuati sa cautati fisura care exista in toate cele, in coaja,ca sa
strabata lumina adevarului in miezul vietii.
Primiti si te dreptaci si pe
stangaci si iubiti-i pe amandoi, ca asa a vrut Domnul, ca numai asa se pot
oamenii unii, si numai asa pot ei sa vada drumul ce la sta la picioare. Si daca
nu e un drum, faceti unul, si tineti-l luminat:
Bateti clopotele sa se auda in
toate colturile lumii, mai ales acolo unde clopotele au fost amutite, si turnate
in tunuri.
Eu asa zic.
Doamne Ajuta,


Desigur ca am avut motive sa adaug acest comentariu: Oamenii in general nu se sinchisesc prea mult de ceea ce au, ci de ceea ce le lipseste: Asta e atat bun cat si ne-bun, deoarece sant lucruri de neinlocuit, si asa e c Toaca si Clopotele. Pe aici pe unde sant, mi-a trebuit mult timp sa descopar cat de mult mi-a lipsit familiarul cantec de toaca, urmat de clopotele zilnice care se intreceau in maiestrie in Bucuresti, si peste tot in tara. Pe aici pe unde sunt sirenel politiei, ale ambulantei, elicopterele, si latratul cainilor (nu degeaba ocupa ei functia de garda la portile iadului) sant toate in mare voga. Pe de alta aprte, clopotele erau… poate prea galagioase ( as vrea sa introduc aici un Smiley: ala care deasemenea se chiama LOL); Adica cat de saraca cu duhul ar deeveni lumea daca nu s-ar bate clopotele: mesajul lor e mai vechi decat posta, si stafeta. Darce sa mai taiem firu-n patru, ca vorba multa, saracia omului.

Daca vreti sa ascultati o toaca si clopote, cala mama acasa va invit sa  activati domniile voastre grupul de litere si cifre de mai jos, si sper sa ve ia acolo unde vreti sa mergeti:

Cine stie, poate ca veti aprecia acest minunat ritm, si simbolurile care insotesc.

Multami fain, si toate bune.