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Sword Swallowing

Dating to ancient times, sword swallowing is a performance art in which an entertainer passes a sword through the mouth and down the esophagus to the stomach. It is not an illusion. Because real swords are used, it is a dangerous practice that can take years of mental and physical training to safely master. Sword swallowers can suffer potentially fatal injuries, such as perforated organs, while performing. How have their unique abilities made them historically useful in medical researchMore… Discuss


Conditional (a poetic thought by George-b)

Conditional  (by George-b)

to be to do to make to have – oh,
to have: a leg, or two, to use them both,
a health and one to spare, give – organs, blood or  a tear…

I know, another stereotype – aren’t we all –
when we are,  do, make, have

conditional on being that is, of course.