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Dopers Gain Long-Term Advantage

Dopers Gain Long-Term Advantage

In many sports, athletes caught doping are slapped with suspensions, presumably to both penalize them and allow time for the effects of the drugs to wear off. However, new research suggests that these athletes could still be benefitting from past use of performance-e nhancing drugs long after they have been allowed to return to competition. Some of the physiological changes triggered by anabolic steroid use appear to persist for decades, giving those who have used such drugs a long-term, perhaps even lifelong, advantage over their competitors. More… Discuss

Teen Use of Human Growth Hormone on Rise in US

Teen Use of Human Growth Hormone on Rise in US

American teens are increasingly using synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) without medical supervision in an effort to enhance their athletic performance and appearance. Just five percent of high-school students polled in 2012 said they had used synthetic HGH without a prescription, but by 2013 that number had jumped to 11 percent. The non-profit Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, which carried out the surveys, said the findings highlight the need for better regulation and labeling of over-the-counter products purporting to contain synthetic HGH. More… Discuss


Think Twice before Doping

Doping scandals have become almost commonplace in the sports world of late. Numerous athletes have had their reputations tarnished, and in some cases their careers ended, after being caught using performance-enhancing drugs. But many more may be using and getting away with it due to the limitations of current testing methods. Researchers hope that a new screening test that is 1,000 times more sensitive than current ones will turn the tide and help them put a stop to the doping trend once and for all. More…Discuss

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Lance Armstrong Done Fighting Doping Allegations

Following Lance Armstrong’s announcement on Thursday that he would no longer fight doping charges brought against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the organization stripped him of all seven of his Tour de France victories and banned him from competitive cycling for life. Armstrong continues to deny allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs and disputes the organization’s authority to bring the charges in the first place, let alone take away his titles. More… Discuss