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On War and Peace (poetic thought by George-B)

On War and Peace (poetic thought by George-B)

The war on peace
Continues uninterrupted – the perpetual war-
we’re made to believe it’s necessary
as tears in the foundation of our humanity, to keep it moist…

Humanity, whatever else is left to tear, decays, into the darkness of free depravity, selfishness, greed, corruption….at our expense, on our dime, irrevocable sentences passed, bought on our dime…

The answers to the questions never asked
put in prospective the final frontier – the  free fall of
free market,
free the pieces of peace left,
free beluga,
and tortoise…

not to be accused of trade in temples,
they made temple of trade, hymns, prayers an obscene virtual g-ds- cyclopes

Freeze the hypocritical insanity of the one man war warrior, man’o’war.