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Lazy Vizsla really doesn’t like mornings…


Lazy Vizsla really doesn’t like mornings…

Oscar the vizsla being woken up by the alarm on Easter Monday. Watch Oscar the Vizsla’s reaction in the new video here: http://youtu.be/K4avqgmfmoE.

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More at: http://oscarvizsla.com/

Want to help this amazing breed? Consider donating to Vizslamentés, a rescue group in Budapest, Hungary that rescue all vizsla and pointer breeds: https://www.facebook.com/VizslamentesUK

Thanks to the Reddit community for the views and comments:
Dog is awoken by alarm clock, and reacts about the same as a human in the morning: http://redd.it/2e3nos

new at EuZicAsa: Widget – Constitution of the United States – access here

Widget: Constitution of the United States - access here

Widget: Constitution of the United States – access here

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Snakes are scaly, cold-blooded, carnivorous reptiles related to lizards. They tend to be limbless and move by muscular contraction. Though they have razor-sharp teeth, they do not chew their prey but instead swallow it whole with the help of a loosely attached jaw. Because their bodies are tubular, some paired organs must be staggered within the body, and one of the two lungs is generally non-functional and sometimes even absent. Why are snakes associated with healing and medicine? More… Discuss

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ASPCA OKs Pets as Presents

Animal welfare groups have long advised against purchasing a pet as a gift for a loved one during the holidays, believing that there is a greater likelihood that the animal will be rejected or returned than if the recipient had been the one to pick the pet out. Some animal shelters even close down for a week or more in advance of Christmas to prevent pet gifting. However, a new study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) suggests these fears are unfounded. The survey found that people who received pets as presents kept them at the same rate as those who obtained their animals in other ways. More… Discuss