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word: churl


Definition: (noun) A rude, boorish person.
Synonyms: boor, barbarian, peasant
Usage: He is a drunken, brawling, perilous churl, as you may find to your cost. Discuss.

Death on the Nile – Love theme by Nino Rota – Piano solo

 From the film Agatha Christie‘s “Death on the Nile” 1978 – Love theme – Piano solo: Enzo de Rosa
Original music by Nino Rota.
Recorded in Montreal, 20 sept. 2010 at concert “Egyptomania” organized by 
L’Institut d’Études Méditerranéennes de Montréal .

One of the best scores of all time and such a great photography and great egypt locations! this film is just one superlative!
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