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John Bradshaw: On Homecoming

John Bradshaw, single-handedly can change scrub the face of the modern western society, regarding relations between people: one generation has to break away from the ancient culture of parenting, the way we were, help children to grow into adults able to have a relationship with their children based upon unconditional love. The worst home is that where two adult children, have not reached maturity thus understanding, really understanding what it takes to change the focus of attention from themselves and direct it toward the child. Children need be tought how to live, and not how not to, by parental example. Parents who are not able to welcome their children to this world, have not reach adulthood, even if they are in their twenties. A ship without an experienced captain will sink, so does a family, in which two captains cannot do each their duties, in harmony.

I hope that you find as much interest as I did in John Bradshaw work for humanity, At his official website: http://www.johnbradshaw.com/