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Picture of the day

Civil War Pose Captain Cunningham — one of General T.F. Meagher’s staff — poses for a photo in Bealton, Virginia in August 1863. Photo: Library of Congress – See more at: http://www.historynet.com/picture-of-the-day#sthash.4JzKBOlM.dpuf

picture of the day, The San Francisco Earthquake

The San Francisco Earthquake

A massive earthquake felt from Oregon to Los Angeles and as far inland as Nevada jolted San Francisco, Calif., at 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906. The earthquake caused severe damage and loss of life in the San Francisco Bay area, and a three-day fire spawned by the shaking reduced 4.7 square miles of the city to blackened ruins. Military officials estimated $400 million of damage and a total of 700-800 killed. Modern research estimates that closer to 3,000 of San Francisco’s 400,000 inhabitants lost their lives.

The photo captures a painter sitting amid earthquake rubble painting a picture of ruins of large building after the earthquake.

Photo: Library of Congress

– See more at: http://www.historynet.com/picture-of-the-day#sthash.kTuHwCsJ.dpuf

picture of the day

At 8:30 p.m. on April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson, shown here delivering his message before a joint session of Congress, recommended that a state of war be declared between the United States and the imperial German government. Realizing that the war looming ahead would be a costly one, Wilson said, ‘the day has come when America is privileged to spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured.’ – See more at: http://www.historynet.com/picture-of-the-day#sthash.uiOuNhB2.dpuf