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today’s birthday: Allan Pinkerton (1819)

Allan Pinkerton (1819)

Pinkerton, an American detective and spy, founded the first private detective agency in the US—the Pinkerton Detective Agency—in 1850. The agency, which specialized in railroad theft cases, soon became famous, and Pinkerton opened branches in several cities. In 1860, he discovered and thwarted a plot to assassinate newly elected President Abraham Lincoln while en route to his inauguration. He went on to serve as a spy during the Civil War and head up what would become what government agency? More… Discuss

Giacomo Puccini: “Coro a bocca chiusa” (Humming Chorus) from Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly waits for the ship of her beloved Pinkerton to come. In fact her death comes closer. 

composed by Ciacomo Puccini
performed by the Hungarian State Opera