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Historic musical bits, Mozart Violin Concerto N°4 in D major, K218. David Oistrakh, violin, great compositons/performances

Mozart Violin Concerto N°4 in D major, K 218. David Oistrakh, violin )

NHL Trying to Check Mumps Outbreak

NHL Trying to Check Mumps Outbreak

An outbreak of mumps is occurring in the US among a very specific population: members of the National Hockey League. More than two dozen players on multiple teams have tested positive for the disease in recent weeks, including superstar Sidney Crosby. Mumps is a contagious disease characterized by swelling of the salivary glands. Although nearly all children in the US are immunized against the disease, immunity can decrease with age. Teams are now providing booster shots to players, and all the affected players are expected to recover without any lasting effects. More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Andrew Carnegie (1835)

Andrew Carnegie (1835)

Famed Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie amassed a huge fortune in iron and steel during the American Industrial Revolution, eventually selling his firm to J.P. Morgan‘s U.S. Steel Corporation for several hundred million dollars. However, Carnegie was not content to keep his riches to himself. Guided by the belief that the rich are “trustees” of their wealth and must administer it for the good of the public, he donated how much of his fortune during his lifetime? More… Discuss

this pressed-for your informantion: Pitt researcher finds pathway that leads to multiple myeloma growth – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pitt researcher finds pathway that leads to multiple myeloma growth – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

When stressed cells go into survival mode and try repairing themselves, bad things can happen. One impact is a biological pathway that can support cancer and promote its progression.

This is a story about one such pathway in multiple myeloma, the most devastating tumor-bone disease.

The associate professor of dental medicine, with a doctoral degree in oral health sciences at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, is an endodontist, or root-canal specialist. Her research is what excited the NIH.

“We’ve identified a novel pathway and the role of that pathway in modulating the bone-marrow environment on a microenvironment level in support of multiple myeloma,” Ms. Ouyang said…


today’s birthday: Henry Heinz (1844)

Henry Heinz (1844)

Heinz was a pioneer in the American food industry. He got an early start in the food business, peddling surplus home-grown vegetables to neighbors by the age of eight. In 1876, he, his brother, and a cousin founded a pickles and condiments company that became the H. J. Heinz Company when he bought them out in 1888. The company’s tomato ketchup quickly became a bestseller and remains the most popular ketchup in the US today. Why did Heinz make “57 varieties” his company slogan? More… Discuss


Quotation: Andrew Carnegie

« He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave. »
Andrew Carnegie

“Near Life Sharps”- Drawing Style – Emergence 2 (My Art Collection)

“Near Life Sharps”- Drawing Style – Emergence 2 (My Art Collection):


"Near Life Sharps"- Drawing Style - Emergence 2 (My Art Collection)

“Near Life Sharps”- Drawing Style – Emergence 2 (My Art Collection) 

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Level of abstraction-222
Number of iterations-114
Level of contrast- 8
Minimum Radius- 38
Maximum Radius-198
Texture 9-strong texture