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Ragtime: Scott Joplin – The Entertainer


Ragtime is a style of American piano music emphasizing syncopation and polyrhythm. Popular in the early 20th century, it was the first form of jazz to exert a wide appeal—thanks, in part, to Scott Joplin and Irving Berlin, its most celebrated composers and performers. In a ragtime composition, the pianist’s left hand keeps an accented beat while the right hand plays a fast, bouncing melody that gives the music its powerful forward impetus. What is the likely origin of the name “ragtime”? More… Discuss

Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . ” The Entertainer ” (1902)

Make Music Part of Your Life Series: John Adams – Grand Pianola Music (1982)

performed by the CalArts Contemporary Music Ensemble, under the direction of Stephen Mosko
common people? not very much…
I published another video with the same music, directed by the author himself  here: 


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