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sphere of power, poetic thought by George-B (©always) (the smudge and other poems)

sphere of power, poetic thought by George-B 

(the smudge and other poems)

the sphere of power was robbed of one dimension.
the reminding circle is shivering
in confusing memory
of the once well adjusted  object of perfection – idolatry-
the circle’s shadowy plane hovers – like a Frisbee thrown and caught again and again –  until  dizzy and a little thirty…

Should the circle loose yet another dimension…well,  something like
a belt
neck tie
dead snake,
will be all that’s left,
from the sphere of power…

George-B (©always)

A perfect one hundred percent, poetic thought, ©by George-B Always (the smudge and other poems)

A perfect one hundred percent, poetic thought,
by George-B

In some non mysterious yet natural way
I failed to understand the way you are,

look up toward the heavens above in search of
a sign
anything to
lean on
A cotton cloud
and again understanding,
that is comprehensive,
that cleanses like
a non-acid summer rain as they used to be before…
You are so obvious, yet-yet  I always failed to give you
what you needed, to give you…
so I just gave you back you riddle and
tried to behave meanwhile as if I understood you
completely, as if I knew the puzzling cross-word by heart
as if I ace every SAT question, one and all,
a perfect one hundred percent.

(©by George-B Always

Encumbered not, poetic thought by George-B (The smudge and other poems

Encumbered not, poetic thought by George-B  (The smudge and other poems)

Unnoticed, silence breathed its way in:

can you watch now the growing grass,
the snowflakes parachutes landing and,
dust settling on top of dusty old, furniture tops?

almost instantaneously
night had moved over everything:

can you see now the shadows,
and the listless moon in owe,
eyeing the blue, as if…its dust,
were not to remain undisturbed
eons ahead,
except for a few boot prints…
cold of course, and odorless, and sterile…
encumbered not…

Photo: Earth and moon seen from space shuttle

Rock garden, poetic thought by George-B

Rock garden, poetic thought by George-B

Where the sands ripples circles end
pointing rocks,
remind of harmony between
lose and compact,

fluid and solid,

framed in a live still nature,
all artificial, all maintained…
all remembered and all  forgotten.



So it shall be written (poetic thought by George-B)


And even if we were to understand,
The simplest notions,
It would be for a fraction of a second…
Then, with the wisdom of the fish,
we continue to rush around ourselves,
As happy balanced electrons,
Aimlessly searching for novelty, in a decaying pass
An, without doubt, lost cause of universal challenge

You say brain over matter
I say matter over matter, brain or no brain…

So what if there were to be a brain here, what if an
Infinity of changes took place or will?
For this show,
we live shorter than the shortest flick of desire,
emanated by the most uninsignificantly fundamental
unquantifiable particle-
Only thing that lives on is the insignificance of it…

 “So it was written, So it will be told”

from the fishbowl (poetic thought by George-B)

from the fishbowl  (Poetic Thought by George-B)

Activism from the fishbowl,
is a rare human achievement

In the humanbowl we swim,
feeling protected from the uncharted scene outside
In the humanbowl we fly, keeping the air in mind,

so at least one survives
the flight….

upon arrival, he reports to …no one.