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Arctic Blast 2014 – a gallery on Flickr: Arctic Blast 2014

Cedar Fire12Arctic Blast 2014 – a gallery on Flickr.


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EXTRA! Extra!: US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces

Greg Rohde has an ice and snow encrusted beard

US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces (click to access the 12 more photos at “The Telegraph)


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Today’s Birthday: LOUISE ARNER BOYD (1887)

Louise Arner Boyd (1887)

Boyd was an American explorer of Greenland and the Arctic and the first woman to fly over the North Pole. After the deaths of her parents and brothers, she inherited the family fortune and chartered the ship of famed explorer Roald Amundsen for a trip to the Arctic. She gained notoriety for hunting polar bears and was called “The Girl Who Tamed the Arctic.” She later canceled another expedition, stating, “How could I go on a pleasure trip when those 22 lives were at stake?” What had happened? More… Discuss