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great compositions/performances: GIULIO TAMPALINI – Mauro Giuliani: Concerto op. 30


GIULIO TAMPALINI – Mauro Giuliani: Concerto op. 30

Giulio Tampalini plays “Concerto op. 30” by Mauro Giuliani with Polish Symphony Orchestra, conductor Krzysztof Klima.
I. Allegro
II. Siciliana
III. Polonaise
Guitar:Philip Woodfield http://www.woodfieldguitars.com

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Mauro Giuliani

Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo Giuliani (27 July 1781 – 8 May 1829) was an Italian guitarist, cellist, singer, and composer, and is considered by many[who?] to be one of the leading guitar virtuosi of the early 19th century.