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Popcorn is a type of corn that bursts into irregularly shaped puffs when heated. When heat is applied to a popcorn kernel, pressure builds inside it until the outer hull finally explodes and the gelatinized, starchy interior comes spilling out. This rapidly hardens, becoming the familiar puff. This tasty treat, today a fixture at theater concession stands, is not a modern invention. Evidence suggests humans have been eating it for thousands of years. What are kernels that fail to pop called? More… Discuss


Eating Popcorn Reduces Ad Effectiveness

Movie theater concessions may be pricey, but buying them could save you money in the long run. Researchers say eating popcorn or other snacks reduces the effectiveness of cinema advertising. They hypothesize that the process of chewing interferes with “subvocal pronunciation,” an automatic moving of the lips and mouth to silently pronounce the name of what is being advertised, that seems to help imprint the advertiser’s message in our minds. More… Discuss