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This Day in the Yesteryear: THE GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT (1964)

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964)

While on patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Maddoxwas attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. Two days later, US boats were supposedly attacked again without provocation. These events—known collectively as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident—prompted US Congress to pass a resolution allowing President Lyndon B. Johnson to use military force in Southeast Asia without a formal declaration of war, leading to increased US involvement in the Vietnam War. Had there in fact been a second attack? More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: Thurgood Marshall Confirmed as First African-American US Supreme Court Justice (1967)

Thurgood Marshall Confirmed as First African-American US Supreme Court Justice (1967)

The great-grandson of a slave and the first African American to serve on the US Supreme Court, Marshall was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson at the height of the Civil Rights movement. As a lawyer, he won 29 of the 32 cases he argued before the Supreme Court, including the landmark Brown v. Board of Education and others that established equal protection for African Americans in housing, voting, employment, and education. What church has included Marshall in its calendar of saints? More… Discuss