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Careful…Someone’s Watching

Careful…Someone’s Watching

A new UK law requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile companies to store user data reflects a growing and worrisome trend of mass surveillance by governments. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, whose off ice released a report concerning the issue, expressed concern that such government-approved programs are becoming “a dangerous habit rather than an exceptional measure” and that more needs to be done to ensure that people’s personal freedoms are protected. More… Discuss

Facebook Or Facebuck: Which Face…. did you subscribe to?

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Good-Bye to Privacy_ – PCWorld
 Imagine that this Saturday you’ll decide to visit the Flee Market for people’s personal information: What would you buy? and Why?
imagine that by chance you recognize yours information, on a banner, at the next vendor’s booth, at a auction where some dubious characters raise the stake: At what  value would YOU sell your vital information, and to whom and for what reason? When people are making money as people information dealers, don’t you think that something’s wrong? do somebody really have to sell one of your kidneys, lets say without your consent, to make it a crime?