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Strength in Frailty (my photo collection)

Strength in Frailty

Strength in Frailty (my photo collection)


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Is Organic Food Really Better for You?

Is Organic Food Really Better for You?

Miss your protein in your fruit? find it here!

Miss your protein in your fruit? find it here!

Growing organic food may benefit the environment, but does eating it improve your health? Doctors at Stanford University in the US set out to answer that question by analyzing 237 studies that compared organic and conventional foods. Among their findings was the fact that organic produce had a 30 percent lower risk of containing detectable levels of pesticides. Furthermore, bacteria found in non-organic chicken or pork had a 33 percent higher risk of being resistant to multiple antibiotics. However, researchers say they found few other health benefits from eating organic food. More… Discuss

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Gamers Help AIDS Researchers Solve Enzyme Puzzle

Gamers Help AIDS Researchers Solve Enzyme Puzzle

In just weeks, online gamers were able to solve a puzzle that has stumped AIDS researchers for years. They did so using a game called Foldit, which allows players to compete against one another to, among other things, predict a protein‘s optimal—or most stable—three-dimensional structure. In this case, players were presented with M-PMV retroviral protease, an enzyme that is critical to the development of a virus similar to HIV. The protein model that the gamers came up with could help scientists develop better AIDS drugs. More… Discuss