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Definition: (noun) Prudent management; economy.
Synonyms: foresight, prudence, economy
Usage: Because of Father’s providence, we were all able to go to college. Discuss.

today’s holiday: Carberry Day

Carberry Day

The students and faculty at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, celebrate the fictitious academic exploits of Professor Josiah Stinkney Carberry every Friday the 13th. On Carberry Day, small brown jugs appear around campus, and students and teachers fill them with change. The money goes to a book fund that Professor Carberry has set up “in memory of my future late wife, Laura.” More… Discuss

Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome about writers and readers and what the Providence has to do with it

You and I, dear reader, are each the center of the universe in our respective opinions. You, as I understand it, were brought into being by a considerate Providence in order that you might read and pay me for what I write; while I, in your opinion, am an article sent into the world to write something for you to read.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss