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The Battle of Valmy

The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of military conflicts that took place both during and after the French Revolution. They began as an effort to defend the Revolution from outsiders but became wars of conquest. The first important engagement of these wars was the Battle of Valmy, a Franco-Prussian artillery skirmish fought in 1792. Though inconclusive, it revealed the superiority of French artillery. What battle cry, taken up by the French, may have weakened the Prussian troops‘ morale? More… Discuss




The sole surviving piece of the original Polish crown jewels, the Szczerbiec—or “Notched Sword“—is the ceremonial sword that was used to crown Polish kings from 1320 to 1764. Legend states that it was given by an angel to King Boleslaw, who chipped it on the gates of Kiev in 1018, yet the sword only dates to the 13th century, raising questions about the veracity of the tale. Looted by Prussian troops in 1795, the sword was not returned until 1928. Why is there a slit on its blade below the hilt? More… Discuss