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Childhood Hurts Persist for Decades

Yet another study, this one the first to look at the effects of childhood bullying in late adulthood, is adding to the growing body of evidence on the persistent and pervasive social, physical, and psychological effects of bullying. At age 50, people who were frequent victims of childhood bullying remained at increased risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. They also tended to report a lower quality of life. The findings suggest that we never really outgrow the trauma of bullying but instead carry it with us throughout our lives. More… Discuss

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BULLYING HAS LONG-LASTING PSYCHOLOGICAL REPERCUSSIONS: DO something about it -punish the bully for a change!

Bullying Has Long-Lasting Psychological Repercussions

It is well known that the psychological effects of bullying can persist for years, but just how long may surprise you. A recent study found that people who experienced bullying between the ages of nine and 16 were at higher risk for a range of psychiatric conditions, including depressionanxiety, and panic disorder, well into their 20s. Most affected were bully-victims, persons who had been victimized by bullies and who had themselves bullied others. Researchers say these long-term consequences highlight the serious nature of bullying and the importance of finding ways to prevent it. More...Discuss