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this day in the yesteryear: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

PBS is an American non-profit, private corporation that provides its members—public television stations—with educational, cultural, and news programs. The network is supported by public funds and private contributions rather than commercials. Its popular programs, produced by its member stations and other independent program producers, have included Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theatre, and Nova. How does PBS differ from its radio counterpart, National Public Radio? More… Discuss

PBS -2011 Peabody Winners Award: American Masters-LENNONYC

A tribute to John Lennon the Song writer, based on interviews with musicians who worked with him.

PBS – Washington Week In Review: What’s The Fuss?

(Click the picture in order to watch the video). I find PBS a more down to earth in the reporting and commentaries made. Some of my friends may agree. In any case it is important to follow the political and economical life of our country, to be able to understand why we are, as a people at the present impasse. The same rule that applies to individual is applicable to a country, a politico-economic system: Self sufficiency is a must, and in order to achieve it, it is equally important to manage the income, by trying to live within the your means, and taking steps to improve that status. unfortunately many spend the last dime, and buy on credit, trying to match their income to the expenses.

Another topic of concern is the process of elections, and what many voters fail to understand: A public office is about a person capable and able to represent justly the entire electorate, and to prioritize and address those issues that will weaken the economic prosperity of all citizen. selflessness and not selfishness is the main valor of a political leader, at all levels of public life.

I do not exclude or include anybody in particular, but I think that voting based of charisma, and empty election campaigns promises are a recipe for failure.

Journey to Planet Earth: Lester Brown On PBS

A must see program: Plan B, what in the world is that? Find out by watching the following program:

It’s time to get defosillezed, and re-energized renewably.
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Any Human Heart, Novel by William Boyd:Dramatization for TV on PBS: Masterpiece Teather

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  Program: Masterpiece

Episode: Any Human Heart: Episode One

A story about a man–at various times a writer, lover, prisoner of war and spy–making his often precarious way through the 20th century:
So click on the shortcut bellow while keeping your fingers crossed (it can be accomplished, I  know, I tried it) and hope it will fly you there: Meanwhile, I’ll check the You tube, see what they can offer on the “Any Human Heart”:

To learn more about the in and outs of this marvelous jewell of literature, and its dramatization, check out the link to Wikipedia Dictionary (don’t stray now):

Ref.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Any_Human_Heart