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today’s holiday: Day of the Beaches

Day of the Beaches

In Uruguay, December 8 is known as the Day of the Beaches because it marks the official opening of the beach season on the coast known as the “Uruguayan Riviera.” There are ceremonies in which a priest blesses the waters, sailing regattas, horseback riding competitions, and an international shooting contest at Carrasco. Sometimes this day is referred to as Family Day or Blessing of the Waters Day. More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Globe Theatre Burns to the Ground (1613)

Globe Theatre Burns to the Ground (1613)


English: The Globe Theatre. The Globe Theatre,...

English: The Globe Theatre. The Globe Theatre, Southwark. This is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, made famous by Shakespeare. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first Globe Theatre was an Elizabethan theatre where several of Shakespeare’s plays were originally staged. It was built around 1598 in London using timber from an earlier theater and was jointly owned by members of the theatrical company to which Shakespeare belonged. The Globe burned down in 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII. It was rebuilt in 1614, but Puritans closed it and all other theaters in 1642, and it was demolished soon after. What caused the fire in 1613? More… Discuss

this day in the yersteryear: Charles II of England Restored to Throne (1660)

Charles II of England Restored to Throne (1660)

After Oliver Cromwell’s death in 1658, the English republican experiment soon faltered. A strong reaction set in against Puritan supremacy and military control, and opinion favored recalling the exiled king. Charles II was persuaded to issue the Declaration of Breda, granting amnesty to former enemies of the house of Stuart, and return to England. As king, Charles reopened the country’s theaters, which Cromwell’s Puritanical government had closed, and encouraged what bawdy theatrical genre? More… Discuss

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Oliver Cromwell (1599)

A controversial figure in English history, Cromwell was a leader of the parliamentary forces that battled the royalists in the English Civil War. After the execution of Charles I in 1649, Cromwell became lord protector and virtual dictator of England and raised his country’s status once more to that of a leading European power by means of a strict military administration and the enforcement of the Puritan moral code. What did the royalists do to his corpse when they returned to power in 1660? More… Discuss

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Roger Williams Immigrates to Colonial America (1631)

An English clergyman and early espouser of Puritanism, Williams immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1631, but it was not long before his then-unorthodox views on religious toleration, Indian rights, and the separation of church and state brought about his banishment. He headed south and in 1636 founded Providence, the first settlement of the Rhode Island colony. Under his leadership, the colony became a haven for religious dissenters. What other practice was he an early opponent of? More…Discuss


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