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Marcasite looks like and even has the same chemical formula as pyrite, or “fool’s gold,” but it is a separate and much less common mineral. Marcasite is paler in color, becomes darker upon oxidation, and is more apt to crumble than pyrite. Its tendency to break down makes it a poor choice for use in jewelry, so pyrite is actually used in its stead but is referred to as “marcasite” in this context. What is “pyrite decay,” and how does it affect marcasite? More… Discuss


Pyrite: “Fool’s Gold”

Widely known in the English-speaking world as “fool’s gold” because it has often been mistaken for the precious metal but is vastly less valuable, pyrite is a gold-colored mineral made of iron and sulfur. Despite its nickname and reputation, it does sometimes contain small amounts of real gold. Pyrite is useful in electronics because of its semiconducting properties, but its chief use is as a source of sulfur in the manufacture of sulfuric acid. What are the hazards of mining pyrite? More…Discuss

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